Just Say Yes (and figure out the rest later)

Do it. Say yes to the things that scare the shit out of you. Say yes to the things you have never done before. Say yes to the things you aren’t sure you can do. Say yes to the things you aren’t ready for. Say yes to new experiences, new friendships, new trips, new events, new workouts, new foods.

Get out of your silly little comfort zone.

My friends know me as someone who will always say yes to anything and I am proud of that. Want to go jump off a bridge into the ocean? Yup.  Want to go to Thailand and Bali? Absolutely. Want to go to this event with me? Duh. It’s not about being a people pleaser and doing things that I know will make other people happy, it’s about being open to new experiences, new stories and new lessons that I know will make me learn and grow.

The catalyst to this post is the seminar I was a panelist at a few weeks ago. It was for an amazing group called Lady Corporate Inc. and the event was all about women creating wealth.

Not only did I say yes to this opportunity, but I actually was the one who reached out to Ahfeeyah Thomas, the Founder & CEO of Lady Corporate, to ask if I could participate on the panel after she posted that she was looking for speakers. Whoa. Wait what? I asked for a speaking engagement and I got it? Hell yes. Where did I get the balls to do that? Great question. It actually was a sign and I knew I had to reach out to Ahfeeyah as soon as I saw her post on the Boston Business Women Facebook page. A few days before I had written down that one of my weekly goals was to find seminars and speaking engagements where I could share my story and provide as much value as possible and then, lo and behold, I’m scrolling the Facebook page and see her post. So it was an easy decision. It was also an action I took before I could think about it too much.

Even if you’re nervous that you’re unprepared for whatever action, whatever move, whatever opportunity is in front of you, even if you think you may fail, just say yes, just go for it. I don’t believe in bad experiences, I only believe in new experiences, in learning experiences, in experiences that make me grow. I believe that we are all too scared of looking foolish, of having to give up what we have now, of failing, to take a leap. A leap of faith in ourselves and in our abilities. We so infrequently trust ourselves and believe in ourselves. We don’t follow our intuition or our gut.

We stay in our comfort zones because we forget what it’s like to struggle and feel uncomfortable, we forget that we have the power to overcome such massive obstacles. I don’t think there is anything wrong with struggle, I believe struggle gives rise to strength, to learning more about ourselves, it forces us to either sink to the bottom, or rise to the top, no more of this floundering in the middle type bullshit. I bet the strongest people you know went through some pretty uncomfortable, pretty hard times, and they would tell you that those experiences shape who they are today.

So my challenge to you is to just say yes. Say yes to the next opportunity that comes in front of you. Say yes to that little idea, that little nagging you’ve had in the pit of your stomach or the back of your mind.

And then reach out and let me know what you said yes to, I would absolutely love to hear it 🙂


2 thoughts on “Just Say Yes (and figure out the rest later)

  1. Ahfeeyah Thomas says:

    Nancy, you were such an inspiration to the women of Lady Corporate and this is such an amazing piece. I found amazing joy in reading and being a part of your journey and having you as a part of mine. Keep being fabulous. The world needs you!

    • Nancyzacharakis says:

      Aww Ahfeeyah! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. Thank you for everything you do for women in business and with Lady Corporate and the incredible events you host!

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